About Me

My name is Jan-Lukas Else and I am a technical person with a deep passion for everything that is programmable. My journey into the world of bits and bytes started when I was in elementary school and my parents gave me my first PC. But games weren’t of interest to me, I was more fascinated by discovering the possibilities a computer has to offer and soon after started creating first little programs with Visual C++.

The motivation to solve daily problems led me to participate at the youth competition “Jugend forscht” multiple times. My last project also brought me closer to coding and I started self-teaching Java by developing a program for handwriting recognition (before every smartphone had that build in). The next years I mainly focused on building Android apps, of which I published some on Google Play.

Now after I finished graduating from school, I’m studying Computer Science at the Ostfalia University of Applied Science in cooperation with a company in my home town. I still do Android development from time to time but am currently exploring the world of web services.

Next to all this technology I also like traveling (I did Interrail two times and I’m looking forward to do it again), running and a minimalistic lifestyle.


You can find information about my personal career on my LinkedIn profile.


Technology is amazing. Everyday I try to discover and try new technologies, whether that are new programming languages, frameworks or just tools to make life a bit easier. Here are some I already worked with and have some experience with:

Inform 7


Take a look at my projects.


As someone spending a lot of time on the internet, I come across many blogs. But I don’t only read content from other people, I also like to share own opinions, insights or thoughts. Next to this, I’m managing one of the biggest Android development related sites with over 36 thousand subscribers and half a million views per month.

AndroidPubhttps://androidpub.netA publication (collection of articles from many different contributors) with a huge number of Android Development related articles
appydroidhttps://appydroid.euPersonal opinion blog about Android related topics
einGeekhttps://blog.ein-geek.dePersonal blog in German
Dev All The Thingshttps://dev.jlelse.dePersonal blog with development related articles
jlelse Writeshttps://writings.jlelse.dePersonal blog covering a variety of topics
Medium profilehttps://medium.jlelse.deMy profile on the blogging platform Medium


I would call it a hobby to attend developer meetups. I once gave a talk too, you can find the slides here:

Kotlin Meets Androidhttps://kotlinslides.jlelse.de/German