I like using my free time to create useful things mainly for myself but share them too. Because I am a huge Open Source and Linux advocate, most of them are free (as in freedom) and free (as in free beer) and the source code is publicly available. Here are some of my projects:

| Name | Link | Description | | | | | | Maily-Form | https://github.com/maily-form/Maily-Form | Forms on any website (see the project specific page) | | KISSS | https://kis3.dev | Keep It Simple Stupid Stats (KISSS) | | distro.tools | https://distro.tools | Scripts for lazy Linux users | | Teleposter | https://github.com/jlelse/teleposter | Android app to publish easily publish on Telegra.ph from mobile |


You can find all my open source projects on my GitHub profile.