I like creating things and using my abilities for something useful. Because I’m a huge Open Source and Linux advocate, most of them are free (as in freedom) and free (as in free beer) and the source code is publicly available. Here are some of my projects:

NameLinkDescriptionActive Project
Maily-Form on any website (see the project specific page)Yes
Teleposter app to publish easily publish on from mobileYes
NewsCatchrhttps://newscatchr.github.ioAndroid app to read RSS feedsNot really


You can find all my open source projects on my GitHub profile.

ApiExplorerApp to explore Google's APIsKotlin
bootstrap4Wordpress Theme, which uses Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5PHP
BootstrapTourOfHeroesAngular Tour of Heroes with Bootstrap 4TypeScript
distro.toolsScripts for lazy Linux usersShell
docker-ghost-alpineDocker image for Ghost with Node.js 8 and AlpineDockerfile
docker-gnome-inform7Run Inform 7 on almost any Linux distroShell
docker-hugoDocker image for running HugoDockerfile
docker-pagekit-sqliteDocker Image for Pagekit with Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP 7.2 and SQLite
docker-searxSearx Docker imageShell
docker-tor-privoxy-alpineThe smallest (15 MB!!) docker image with Tor and Privoxy on Alpine LinuxDockerfile
docker-xournalRun Xournal on almost any Linux distroShell
kis3Keep It Simple Stupid Stats (KISSS)Kotlin
Maily-FormForms on any websiteKotlin
MonetySimple Currency Converter for AndroidKotlin
PasswyPassword creation app for AndroidJava
SimpleUI[DEPRECATED] SimpleUI is an Android library which helps you creating the activity UI more easier.Java
SimpleWebWrapper[DEPRECATED] Library that helps you creating Wrapper for WebpagesJava to ICS parserTypeScript
teleposterSimple and lightweight client for Telegra.phKotlin