Forms on any website

If you put a website online, there is a good chance that you will use a CMS like WordPress, Pagekit or similar. These have many great advantages, for example that thanks to a dynamic backend it is possible to easily create forms (such as contact forms). Some time ago, however, I was fed up with dynamic pages and wanted a more minimalist, simple and secure solution, for which I used Hugo. Just one feature that is very important to me for managing AndroidPub, among other things, is forms. That’s why I started to develop Maily-Form. Maily-Form offers the possibility to integrate forms with little HTML on every web page, which are forwarded automatically as email when submitting.

Maily-Form has a NodeJS backend written in Kotlin (and transpiled to JavaScript) and uses VueJS as framework for the frontend. Although JavaScript and NodeJS are more resource intensive than Go for example, using Kotlin (my favorite programming language) allows me to focus on features instead of learning a new programming language. Also, the incredibly large NPM ecosystem offers a huge selection of libraries that make some features much easier to implement.

Thanks to Docker, Maily-Form can be set up with very little effort. More information on Github.

Also the contact form on my personal website uses Maily-Form.

Here’s a screenshot from the web administration panel. It also has a feature to directly respond to the submission.