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Forms on any website

If you put a website online, there is a good chance that you will use a CMS like WordPress, Pagekit or similar. These have many great advantages, for example that thanks to a dynamic backend it is possible to easily create forms (such as contact forms). Some time ago, however, I was fed up with dynamic pages and wanted a more minimalist, simple and secure solution, for which I used Hugo. Just one feature that is very important to me for managing AndroidPub, among other things, is forms. That’s why I started to develop Maily-Form (now MailyGo). Maily-Form offered and MailyGo offers the possibility to integrate forms with little HTML on every web page, which are forwarded automatically as email when submitting.

While Maily-Form used NodeJS for the backend and offered an admin panel written with VueJS, MailyGo is written in Go and offers no frontend anymore. Similar to KISSS, emphasis is placed on simplicity.

The contact form on my personal website uses MailyGo.

Jan-Lukas Else